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To-Do Lists Matter

By Jeff Davidson

Unquestionably, we have many technological tools at our disposal today that have enabled our tremendous capability for gathering, sifting through, and acting upon information. As such, our expectations about what we can and should accomplish within a day automatically rise to meet our newfound capabilities. Concurrently, at any given moment it feels as if we never quite take care of all that we need or want to do. What are the immediate antidotes?

* To be more vigilant about our to-do lists.
* To assemble resources that will enable us to more effectively pursue projects and tasks that we have identified as worth completing.
* To maintain a continual awareness that there will never be enough time to do everything that we want to do, and therefore select the handful of things that ultimately make our lists.

A Curse and a Blessing
While to-do lists can be seen as the bane of humankind, they can also be seen as a blessing. If you doubt that, try this simple experiment. Work an entire day without any kind of task list in front of you: not on screen, not on a post-it pad, nowhere. If you’re able to proceed through a single day without looking at a task list, continue for another day. If you’re able to go two days, congratulations. You have an ability that exceeds the rest of the population.

To-do lists provide a sense of direction and guidance no matter how they’re constructed. So, the next time you’re lamenting your situation because of all that competes for your time and attention, remember, without to-do lists, it would be that much more difficult.

Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC, aka “The Work-life Balance Expert”® offers keynote presentations and workshops on a creating work-life balance, managing the pace with grace, and thriving in a hyper-accelerated world. He has spoken to Fortune 50 companies such as Lockheed and IBM, and to American Express, Westinghouse, America Online, and Wells Fargo. Jeff is also the author of Simpler Living, Breathing Space, and Dial it Down, Live it Up. His books have been published in 19 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Turkish, and Russian. For more information visit www.BreathingSpace.com

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