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Steven Hacker The Association Doctor

The Latest in Employee Retention Strategies

Change is both exhilarating and terrifying for most people, and the same holds true for associations. In these times, when the pace of change is accelerating, it can frequently cause significant stress and instability. One of the areas where associations tend to see regular change—and some groups experience it more than others—is employment. Chances are, your association is among the vast majority of nonprofits struggling with employee retention, which is not only disruptive but very expensive. The challenge is especially daunting for nonprofit associations because they are competing for qualified personnel against larger businesses that possess greater resources with which to woo a finite pool of desirable talent. Yet, amidst all the turmoil and frustration, there are many common-sense and simple solutions that remain largely untapped.

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Steven Hacker, CAE, former president of IAEE, serves as Schneider Publishing’s director of industry relations. He can be reached at steven.hacker@schneiderpublishing.com.

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