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Steven Hacker The Association Doctor

Embracing Your Association’s Future:
Integrating Millennials Into Leadership Roles

It has been said that millennials, the generation that is now 18 to 34 years old and numbers an astonishing 83 million individuals (according to the June 2015 census report), are different. Some say they are tough to manage, others suggest they are self-centered. I can agree they are different—but so have been all the generations that have preceded them. It is silly to describe an entire demographic cohort—in this case, one larger than the population of Germany—with common characteristics when generations have always been influenced by their historic events or circumstances. And I think we can agree that it is wrong to conclude that all members of any generation think and behave the same.

So, you agree that the time has come to adopt a comprehensive safety and security checklist. Great! Now, the first question you probably have is: Just how do we start the process? To answer that, I turned to Jeff McKissack, president of Defense By Design, a company that specializes in providing individuals and organizations with customized safety training and support. McKissack shared what he considers to be the 10 most important things an event planner should contemplate when creating a safety checklist.

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Steven Hacker, CAE, former president of IAEE, serves as Schneider Publishing’s director of industry relations. He can be reached at steven.hacker@schneiderpublishing.com.

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