No One Covers the State and Regional Association Market
as Completely and Economicall as Association News

If you want complete coverage of the state and regional association market, only Association News delivers. Association News reaches more state and regional association readers in the country than any other publication. While our circulation among state and regional groups is several times that of our closest competitor, our advertising rates are much lower than many other meetings publications thanks to our highly targeted approach.

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2. Resorts
3. Suburban Hotels
4. Airport Hotels
5. Conference Centers
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Association News Delivers More Readers Than
All of the Local Society Publications Combined

Many of the local societies of association executives produce publications that accept advertising. Unfortunately, these publications usually have very limited circulation.

Association News is independent and solely advertiser supported. That allows us to avoid organizational biases and—in one buy—deliver more meeting planning decision makers than all of the state and regional membership-only publications combined.

An Uncluttered Environment That Gets Ads Noticed

Association News is designed so that maximum attention is drawn to the advertisements it contains. Our no-nonsense approach to graphics and layout means that your advertising will not be lost in a blur of overblown art direction. Your advertising in Association News will be seen and remembered.

Association News Helps Hotel Sales Staffs Book More Room Nights

Hotels that employ one or more salespeople to service the association meetings market can increase the effectiveness of their sales staffs with an image-building advertising schedule in Association News. In a single month, we reach more association decision makers than a sales staff could contact in a year.

On a Cost-Per-Thousand Basis, Association News
Is a Better Buy Than Participation In Trade Shows

Selling to meeting planners through industry trade shows and exhibitions has long been a hit-and-miss proposition. Only a percentage of actual industry decision makers typically attend trade shows.

Association News allows advertisers the opportunity to reach more association executives and meeting planners than could ever be convinced to attend a trade show. What’s more, we reach these key decision makers every month of the year. Since meeting planning activity continues year-round, maintaining a presence in Association News assures advertisers that they are in the minds of meeting planners when crucial sight selection decisions are being made.

The Market For the New Millennium Is In Your Own Backyard

Surveys foretelling an increase in the number of state and regional association meetings for the coming year are good news for hotels, convention bureaus and others who want to sell products and services to associations. Only Association News is designed to serve the people who run state and regional associations. Reach our readers and watch your sales grow!

Get Your Marketing Plan On Target:
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Our Readers Book Millions of Hotel Rooms

The locations where our readers meet include the United States, Canada and Mexico. Even in destinations used less frequently, they book hundreds of thousands of room nights.

Our Readers Hold Meetings Year-Round

Although the busiest seasons for meetings are fall and spring, our readers hold meetings in every month of the year. More than half of our readers, for example, hold meetings during the summer months.

Our Readers Work for Groups That Exist Primarily to Hold Meetings

The types of organizations represented by our readership are exactly themarket segments of themeetings industry expected to grow the most in future years. Nearly 90% of our readers work on the staffs of these organizations.

Our Readers Are Decision Makers With a Variety of Responsibilities

Nearly 80% of our readers are high-level association chief executive officers and association management company executives with the authority to make final decisions on meeting planning and site selection. The remainder of our readership includes staff meeting planners, education and training directors, exhibit managers and independent meeting planners who are also involved in the decision-making process.